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The Inn at DePauw & Event Center is an easy and affordable location for business retreats, board meetings, and religious retreats. The full-service group meeting facilities are located 50 minutes outside of Indianapolis on the campus of DePauw University. Along with meeting rooms, outdoor venues, guest sleeping rooms, and dining options, The Inn at DePauw & Event Center's staff brings personalzed meeting services, including team building activities and themed events that are designed to support your retreat or small meeting needs.

Tips for Planning an Effective Retreat

In today's business environment, meetings and retreats cannot be undertaken lightly. Usually there are serious issues to discuss and work to accomplish during the retreat as well as the need to build camaraderie and trust among the attendees. The attendees themselves have taken time away from family and daily work tasks in order to attend. And time, of course, is limited!

The effectiveness of any retreat is in the preparation. Consider these tips when planning your next retreat.

Plan an agenda for the event—whatever its duration

This will keep the attendees focused and engaged in the work to be done; everyone needs to work together to reach the retreat goals.

Theme the retreat

A movie, book or article may provide the perfect inspiration to theme your retreat. A theme can inspire creativity and help attendees really "escape".

Don't underestimate the power of FOOD!

Look to provide flexibility in the times that food is available and a variety of nutritional offerings. Breakfast, for instance, should be more than sugary Danish and orange juice. All meals and breaks should offer a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates and sugars to give a boost of energy to your attendees and help maintain their concentration throughout the day. Also, steer clear of overly heavy meals that tend to make everyone sluggish. When you plan the agenda and discuss meal and break options with the host facility, be clear about your food requirements and ask for recommendations for optimal results.

"All work and no play…"

Does "team building" make you wince as you picture climbing through ropes and jumping from platforms? Don't worry! Team building can come in many forms with one most critical element: FUN! The facility you are working should have ideas that range from an hour to a full day – and offer as many cost options. Be creative and see how much a simple "cook-off" or "cake decorating" can get your team energized. It's all about sharing an experience not necessarily being scared out of your wits!

Beyond four walls

A comfortable meeting room, set up in a way that works well for your group, is a critical element to consider for a successful event. Despite frequent breaks, a team building activity and meal times, the meeting room may still be the space where the attendees spend most of their time. Think about the room configuration you need—will you be holding small group discussions, will you have a presenter who needs center stage at the front of the room, will you have a media presentation requiring all attendees to be facing the screen? If your group will have laptops with them, be sure the conference tables will be large enough to handle these comfortably and don't forget the power. The seating and lighting in the room should support flexibility, comfort and concentration.

The Inn at DePauw & Event Center understands what it takes to create a successful retreat. Contact Us for information about hosting your next event and schedule a personalized site tour.

Monday October 23, 2017